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Turk J Emerg Med: 14 (1)
Volume: 14  Issue: 1 (2014)
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Unstable Less Common Chance Fracture
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.10327  Page 1
Ali Riazi, Samad Shams Vahdati, Arezou Tajlil
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (293 accesses)

Sprain Injury in a Child: Where is the Fracture Line?
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.82612  Page 2
Asım Kalkan, Özlem Bilir
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (726 accesses)

Factors Affecting The Length of Stays Of Patients In Monitored Unit Of A Research And Education Hospitals's Emergency Department In Turkey
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.58224  Pages 3 - 8
Yasin Mahsanlar, İsmet Parlak, Sadiye Yolcu, Serhat Akay, Yoldaş Demirtaş, Veysi Eryiğit
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (166 accesses)

Incidental CT Findings of Patients Who Admitted to ER Following a Traffic Accident
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.13284  Pages 9 - 14
Yavuz Yiğit, Harun Ayhan
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (201 accesses)

Laboratory Risk Indicators for Necrotizing Fasciitis and Associations with Mortality
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.55476  Pages 15 - 19
Elif Çolak, Nuraydın Özlem, Gültekin Ozan Küçük, Recep Aktimur, Sadık Keşmer
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (172 accesses)

The Value of Ultrasonography, Leukocyte Count and Clinical Results in Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis and the Duration of Stay of the Patients in Emergency Department
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.59251  Pages 20 - 24
Veysi Eryiğit, Yasin Mahsanlar, Yoldaş Demirtaş, İsmet Parlak
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (240 accesses)

Effect of End-Tidal Carbondioxide Measurement on Resuscitation Efficiency and Termination of Resuscitation
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.65807  Pages 25 - 31
Faruk Öztürk, İsmet Parlak, Sadiye Yolcu, Önder Tomruk, Bülent Erdur, Rıfat Kılıçaslan, Ali Savaş Miran, Serhat Akay
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (164 accesses)

Hemlock (Conium Maculatum) Poisoning In A Child
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2013.23500  Pages 34 - 36
Çapan Konca, Zelal Kahramaner, Mehmet Boşnak, Halil Kocamaz
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (495 accesses)

ECG Changes Due to Hypothermia Developed After Drowning: Case Report
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.60590  Pages 37 - 40
Sabiye Yılmaz, Mehmet Akif Çakar, Mehmet Bülent Vatan, Harun Kılıç, Nurgül Keser
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (531 accesses)

Clozapine-Induced Febrile Neutropenia and Cellulitis
doi: 10.5505/1304.7361.2014.83097  Pages 41 - 43
Selçuk Yaylacı, Emine Ulkü Yilmaz, Ertuğrul Güclü, Neslihan Akkişi Kumsar, Ali Tamer, Oğuz Karabay
Abstract | Full Text PDF  (Article In English) (620 accesses)

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